Beat Kune Do has been a lifelong process for me. It is where all of my influences and inspirations converge. As an early hip hop dance instructor, I didn’t know how to qualify the level of my classes. Recalling my experience in martial arts gave me a reference regarding rank. I realized that a ranking system for hip hop dance would help qualify both the instructor and the student. This realization inspired me to qualify myself as an instructor and learn the foundations for the dance styles I dabbled in as a performer. I initially got the concept for Beat Kune Do from Sifu Bruce Lee. His philosophy towards martial arts training wasn’t restricted to just martial arts but for any art, specifically relating to movement, I began documenting my process of growth and formulating a method of training. 

Fast forward 10 years, Beat Kune Do began to take shape with the advent of having to find capable dancers to train for my entertainment company, the world famous Jabbawockeez crew. The circumstance really forced me to develop a curriculum to help cover the essential movement that was indicative of our dance style. Over the past 10 years, I have been able to refine Beat Kune Do by honing in on creating the most effective way to train an aspiring dancer. The idea is simple and works for any style. Learn the foundation, refine the mechanics, put the movement together to build your flow. 

Beat Kune Do can adapt to any level of student. Popping, Locking, House, Floorwork, and 90’s Party dances are at the core of Beat Kune Do. These are the styles I grew into and are a great reference point for anyone beginning their dance journey. I appreciate my path and am blessed to have the means to share my knowledge and insight with anyone who is interested in mastering their movement. 

Kevin Brewer “KB”
Founder of Beat Kune Do
Co-creator of Jabbawockeez