In this video, I cover the idea of levels. Utilizing levels as you flow thru your creative expression gives you some dimension and variety in your movement. You can create some interesting transitions just by adding levels to your flow.


In this video, I cover an idea I call "phrasing". During the early stages of my growth as a motion artist, I would analyze myself from my video journal. I found that at times I would just have a long string of movement that I felt dragged on. Taking note of this, I began to break my freestyle up into chunks of movement. I discovered amongst a few other things that not only did i avoid having a "run-on sentence" of content, I had more stamina as well. Practice adding some breaks and pauses in your creative expression to avoid "saying" too much during your freestyle.

Body Consciousness

Greetings and thanks for stopping by. In this video, I discuss the idea of a body's "consciousness" that takes over from the mind guiding your movement without thought. This is just a perspective to keep in mind that helps to avoid thinking too much. Freestyle should not be restricted by thoughts. The experience should originate from a feeling based on the music you are hearing.

Honing your freestyle 

Here is a tip on honing your freestyle that helps take your mind from thinking about moves to focusing on pathways.  Sometimes we can think too much and lose the idea of exploration.  This method puts your creative mind into an explorative gear while your body figures out what moves to do.